Frequently asked questions

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How do I arrange to take individual lessons?

You simply choose an authorized teacher from our listing page and introduce yourself through e-mail or a phone call. The teacher will take it from there.

Does the teacher need to be located near me?

Not necessarily. Since the majority of the teaching is done by phone or Skype, location isn't a major factor in deciding who to call from the list of affiliates. Most teachers will travel when necessary to teach a class at your location.

Is there an introductory course that I can take?

There is. Many of our affiliates offer organized classes in the fundamentals of Analytical Reading for 5 or more students at a time. Some affiliates organize a class in his or her own area and advertise the time and place. A class can also be planned for your location upon request. In addition, authorized teachers can introduce any individual to the basic principles on the phone. The introductory class usually takes about 10 hours and can be covered over a two-day period, say on a weekend or any other time mutually convenient to student and teacher.

What are the costs involved?

There is a fee for the introductory class as well as for individual lessons. Each affiliate sets his or her own fee and makes arrangements for payment with each student, individually. For such a unique offering, most people find it very affordable.

If I decide to take lessons do I have to do any prep work before each one?

No. It is helpful, however, if you have unique copy that you're working with, to make arrangements to fax or e-mail the script to the instructor ahead of time so that he or she can prepare for the session.

Where can I buy a copy of Mrs. Lamar's book?

Mrs. Lamar's book can be ordered online at