"Analytical Reading...is a great contribution to the field of the performing arts. Readers and actors may understand the ideas which they are presenting, but do not always know how to convey their understanding by proper stress and phrasing so that their hearers can immediately picture the meaning mentally. Analytical Reading provides practical help." — Actress Ginger Rogers
"You teach the principles but leave the reading to us." — From a student
"A page of print will never look the same to me again. Now I see ideas, not words." — From a Book editor
"This instruction is so different from any other instruction in public reading that I've ever heard of...Yours is unique." — From a student
"When I was elected Reader, I figured I might learn a little something from Analytical Reading lessons. After all, I'd taught English, done some acting; I'd been a student of the Bible. I could never be grateful enough that I mustered the humility to talk to an Analytical Reading teacher. What a wonderful adventure the next three years were!" — From a Reader
"I can't express enough appreciation for your loving teaching. It truly opened my eyes to the possibilities of reading with greater joy and understanding...I'll be ready to tell anyone about Analytical Reading." — From a student
"I am writing to tell you what a lovely service I attended last week. The Second Reader gave new meaning to Bible citations I had been reading all week."
Letter to a Church Board